Over the past 20 years, I worked with companies like Campaign City, Chifley Design and Jeffries Printing as the primary designer for the Australian Labor Party on Federal, State and Local Government levels. I designed print material for standing MPs and candidates on countless elections covering everything from endorsement flyers, how to votes, candidate yard signs, door hangers, campaign t-shirts, negative attack material. If it was print-based campaign material, we handled it.


Outside of the campaign madness, I produced newsletters, event promotion & communications for Labor MPs. Additional design briefs came from NSW Labor Head Office or the National Secretariat and other Labor based ventures like NSW Business Dialogue and Business Alliance. These jobs included establishing (and often re-establishing) the Labor brand and it's use in a fractious environment, issue-specific community engagement campaigns, religious and ethnic event promotion, party conference materials, fundraising leaflets, Young Labor recruitment drives, press ads and billboard campaigns.

It was challenging to say the least. It's not often one's work can be so quickly undone by endless leadership challenges, scandals and corruption. Regardless, I always fought to push the party into new territory – but you can't bring positive change to an organisation hell bent on repeating itself.

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